Vida Asana & The Retreat

Author: Sean McDonald, Owner of Vida Asana.
Sean McDonald pictured in the 
front row wearing green.

I’m Sean McDonald, the caretaker of Vida Asana, a beautiful space located in Playa Hermosa,  Costa Rica.  Most weeks you’ll find us hosting 10-25 wondrous yogis, who have come here for healthy food, great yoga, and adventures.  Mostly, we laugh, love, and heal, in a setting that is somehow both private, and immersed in the local community.  I can’t thank Lupes’ parents, Alejandro and Rose, who created the space, enough, for their vision.  It is a great honor to continue what they started.

Just over four years ago, I received the greatest blessing a person can receive, a happy and healthy child, who laughs, plays, cries, and learns day after day.  While people may argue about politics, religion, or a million other things, you’d find few that would disagree, that a child is an incomparable blessing.

This of course also means that few would argue there the most devastating and life changing event that someone can endure, is the loss of a child.  For those of us who have not experience it, I don’t think we can even pretend to understand what that sort of trauma feels like.

I’m sad to say that too many people who I love, have endured that experience over the last few years.  Most recently Rose and Alejandro’s marvelous daughter Lupe, whose candle burned so brightly, that the wick came to an end, much sooner than any of us imagined. 

What we are proposing to do, is to host a retreat where we host as many parents as possible, who have suffered through such a loss. Vida Asana will provide the lodging, the food, the staff, the logistics, and everything else we provide on a weekly basis, as our gift to this event.  There will be no cost for any of the parents.  This is our gift to them, and it is our intention to  repeat a similar event, every year after.

I held one week in June of 2019, for this event.  During this time of year the sun is shining, it is warm, we feel Mother Earth all around us, and hopefully it will create just the right environment for healing, forgiveness, safety, and connection.

On behalf of everyone at Vida Asana, I can’t tell you how grateful we are, for any and all support.  Namaste y Pura Vida, Sean and Juju and everyone else at Vida Asana