11/12/2018 – Waves of Hope was able to collectively raise close to $8,000. Thank you to everyone who donated or came to our event to support. We are beyond grateful for the experience we were able to provide for these parents. 


5/22/2017 – Waves of Hope Sarasota was able to raise over $8,000 dollars at our last fundraiser for the 2018 Healing Retreat. Collectively with Vida Asana we raised over $13,000!!! Thank you to everyone who donated or came to our event to support. We are beyond grateful for the experience we were able to provide for these parents. 



A few words of love and gratitude from some of the yoga/meditation instructors, professional therapists and healers who co-facilitated the first annual 2018 healing retreat.



My Return to Costa Rica by Alexandria Romero, Co-Facilitator, M.A. Transpersonal Psychology.


Alexandria Romero (pictured on the left) with Lupe’s mother, Rosmarie Gonzalez, is a professional therapist and a co-facilitator of the retreat.  She maintains a blog on her own business website and has recently published a beautiful and insightful review of her experience at the 2018 retreat.  To read her blog entry please click on the link below.




From Kendra Simpkins, a Rapid Resolution Practitioner who has worked closely with and provided therapeutic support for US Military veterans as well as civilians:

“Infinitely grateful to be invited to co-facilitate on the team of healers for this retreat. It will forever be my honor and privilege to have met and spent time with these precious and powerful souls!! Special thanks to Ivonne for your hard work and dedication to make this retreat happen, to Sean for being a gracious host at Vida Asana, and to the locals who live here for sharing a piece of their world. Much love and light.”

Kendra Simpkins, Co-Facilitator, Rapid Resolution Therapist.



From Sharon Juraszek, an Ayurveda Practitioner and yoga instructor who conducted gentle yoga sessions and mindful grief releasing meditations had this to say:

“Ivonne Lizarazo you created an exceptional healing retreat in a sacred space❤️ I’m grateful to serve; to be a witness to the transformation. With gratitude to the parents who experienced tremendous loss, to the healers, the host, Sean, to the kitchen who provided us with clean, deeelicious, local amazing meals and to the beautiful people of Costa Rica. To live with an open heart is a daily practice.❤️ “

Sharon Juraszek, Co-Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda Practitioner 










From Jessie Reese, an Access Consciousness Practitioner and LMT who conducted very popular therapy sessions and worked tirelessly to accommodate all those interested, including other therapists, who wanted to experience this treatment had this to say:

“So much love and gratitude for this trip ….to be part of such a beautiful retreat in Costa Rica . Thank you Sean McDonald and Ivonne Lizarazo for making it happen! It was awesome to witness the growth and healing for everyone involved here. Look forward to many more ! So many emotions right now. One love.”

Jessie Reese, Co-Facilitator, Access Consciousness, LMT.